We can provide your organization with a good service in various ways. The most common are taking on work on a project basis and placing qualified and motivated personnel.

On project base

It often happens that organizations use our workforce during peak times. We are happy to assist you by deploying fast, well-qualified personnel so that your operational business processes are not compromised. We select personnel that suit your company and ensure that an extensive intake has been made in advance. During this selection we pay attention to aspects such as work experience and motivation.

Personnel placement

We are increasingly seeing that organizations prefer to outsource parts of their production lines to parties that have qualified personnel for this. This can involve packing and packing work, taking production work out of your hands in a distribution center or outsourcing the entire harvest. These are typical assignments in which we excel!

Advantages for you as a client

No costs for recruiting and selecting staff, no personnel administration, flexible deployment of staff and there is no risk in the event of illness.

Does our way of work appeal to you?
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Also want to work with Perfection?

We regularly have new vacancies. Do you think your profile matches our core values and do you have sufficient experience in the production, construction, logistics, horticulture or cleaning industry? Send your resume and motivation letter to werken@perfection-wsu.nl

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